Pierre G. Gauthier
TWD Industries AG, THALES, FMN Holding Group, SPC (Nasdaq:SPCO)
pierre@silentlife.com +41(0)554-142-093
www. linkedin.com/in/pierregilbertgauthier (since 2013, 18k connections)
Zürich Great Area, Switzerland (French nationality, Swiss C permit)
Top Skills C/C++, Web, SaaS, Security, System, Encryption, Server, Multi-threading, Databases
Education B.Sc. Computer Science, Telecoms (1992)
Languages French (Native), English (Professional Working)
TWD Industries AG Engineering, R&D 1998 - 2023
YourSafeCloud Transparent PQC protecting Clouds (AWS, Azure...) and
remote servers against ever-growing vulnerabilities
2020 - 2023
SLIMalloc Memory allocator making C/C++ “memory-safe” and
therefore fixing 70-90% of all OS/App vulnerabilities
2020 - 2023
Global-WAN Distributed Level-2 VPN, post-quantum or unconditional
security (PQC) and TRNG (no vulnerability)
2010 - 2019
G lobal -W ET “Net-Zero” Lossless Wireless Energy & Telecoms (WET) 2010 - 2019
G-WAN Web Application Server supporting 18 scripted
programming languages (no vulnerability)
2009 - 2016
Directory-Server (DS) Zero-Configuration Router/Firewall Traversal Patent 2003 - 2009
Remote-Anything (RA) Desktop-Sharing and LAN-Management suite
deployed in 138 countries (no vulnerability)
1998 - 2009
THALES External Contractor, R&D 1996 - 1997
Thomson Microsonics
(submarine radars)
CAO/CAD software to design and automatically invert
complex electronic components to generate their mask
2 years
FMN Holding Group R&D Director 1994 - 1995
(industrial product)
Industrial PVC Cards printing solution with a 2.5-ton
printer, a software to create and manage a database of
persons (acquiring photos, signatures, fingerprints)
2 years
SPC (Nasdaq: SPCO) Software Engineer 1992 - 1994
(mass-market product)
Integrated database development platform, with a
multimedia UI and a scripted programming language
3 years
Independent IT Consultant, IT Press Writer 1986 - 1988
GUI, compression,
real-time 3D engine
Published articles in IT magazines (GUI, Graphics), and licensed my
source code (GUI, image compression, 3D engine) to foreign companies